Go Green For Mental Illness Awareness Week

Written by Anna M. Mazek-Vann, LCPC, CVDP May has been dedicated to Mental Health Awareness in the United States since 1949.  It is important to keep this conversation going in order to reduce stigma of mental illness, increase awareness of signs and symptoms and discuss treatment options. So let's talk about it. Issues related to [...]

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When Helper needs help: First responders stress and trauma

by Anna Mazek-Vann, LCPV When it comes to trauma, we are all exposed to so some degree of traumatic events throughout our lives. As a result of our exposure we develop different coping mechanisms and resilience. But what if you experienced traumatic events on regular basis, how would you cope with that exposure? There are [...]

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January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Awareness Month

by Anna Vann, LCPC January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Awareness Month. Human Trafficking is the modern day slavery, which is prevalent in the United States and around the globe. According to the International Labor Organization more than 20 million women and children are victimized across the globe. Victims come from every background, regardless [...]

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Traumatic Grief by Anna Mazek-Vann, LCPC, CDVP

Traumatic Grief   Have you ever felt sad, lonely, alone, even in company of other people? We have all experienced loss and grief at some point in our lives, but not all grief and loss is the same.  Some of us may have experienced traumatic grief.   Traumatic grief influences the way we see things around [...]

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Core Psychotherapy Center sponsors Dr. Howard Lipke’s presentation on EMDR

EMDR Demystified We hope that you will join us for an informal and interactive EMDR presentation by Dr. Howard Lipke. EMDR is the most widely and quickly disseminated, as well as one of the most thoroughly researched, methods of psychotherapy to appear in recent times.  EMDR is recognized as an evidence based method of treatment [...]

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Welcome to our new site!

Keep tuned for more information about workshops, therapy groups, or other events.

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